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seagrass bar stools

The seagrass bar stools of maintenance: solid wood bar stool its maximum advantage of the natural wood grain with changes in natural color. As the wood is constantly breathing organism, it is recommended that placed in the appropriate temperature and humidity environment, the need to avoid beverages, chemicals or hot object is placed on the surface, so as not to damage the natural wood surface color. If the US-resistant plate materials, when more of the dirt, it is recommended to use diluted neutral detergent accompanied by warm water to wipe time, and then smear with water, remember that a soft, dry cloth to wipe the residue from water stains, to be completely wiped off re-use maintenance wax polish, even if you're done, the only attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance in order to make wood furniture timeless.
The purchase of the fabric bar stool, the first spray with fabric protection agents, for protection. Fabric bar stool maintenance usually available dry towel to pat, vacuum at least once a week, with particular attention to the removal of the structure between the dust. Cloth fabric surface stained with stains, use a clean cloth wet wiped from the outside or fabric cleaners and follow the instructions for use. Should be avoided to the body with perspiration, water stains and dust on sitting on the sofa. Recommended that your fabric chairs lining most of the package, the cushion is divided into a hand wash and machine washable, should the furniture dealer to identify some of which may have special washing requirements. Found loose thread, can not hand it snapped, and application of scissors, neatly cut. The cloth cover should be cleaned to dry cleaning, can not wash Do not bleach.


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