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Classic pear furniture maintenance tips Analysis Method

   Classical furniture, furniture pear afraid of the water and the long-term corrosion wet, we should pay attention to avoid heating and air conditioning, daily general cleaning just use cotton cloth to remove dust from the surface of furniture. Meanwhile, pear furniture How to choose outdoor furniture can not be too dry, you can two or computer chair three months with a cotton cloth wrapped small walnut gently wipe method. While regular rub classical furniture wax, it is very feasible conservation methods.

     Pear furniture is antique furniture in relatively good care of the furniture, usually do not conserve it can go, as long as the maintenance of attention to key link, it will make pear classical furniture is increasingly becoming "classical style."

     The reason pear furniture is widely respected, there is a very important reason. The late Ming Dynasty, the political corruption, the so-called multi-literati lose confidence in politics and instead focus on the pleasures of life, or is on a stretch of their own feelings. On the other hand, the commodity economy budding writers have the opportunity to make use of the furniture in their daily effort spent on the program of his own aesthetics becomes communicated to the construction craftsmen, and artisans office conference chairs due to market competition and their own survival problems would more absorb these ideas, which led to a whole pear furniture scholars tendencies. This tendency is reflected in the furniture, modern furniture, wardrobes will be presented on the major maintenance of the simple style, comfortable and practical features, such as elegant charm features that until now have been affirmed by art historian, which is the furniture collectors fanatical collection of potential causes.
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