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More emphasis on economies of scale and famous of Guangzhou Furniture Exhibition

The data show that, by the real estate regulation and rising cost pressure, the mesh computer chair furniture industry sales performance this year can be described as a poor start, but as the real estate industry is getting warmer, especially in the second-hand housing market fiery just need a large number of market and protection type of housing construction is completed, the industry is more optimistic about the market prospects for this year, the popular Expo undoubtedly market practitioners to inject a shot in the arm.

, According to the organizer data, show the scale of the show this year was 880,000 square meters, a total of 4500 exhibitors will participate in the exhibition, can be described as eight Fang Yinghao gathered in the furniture industry. The person in charge of the exhibition, told this reporter, the 31st session of CIFF civil modern furniture with children and adolescents sizable each than the same period last year increased by 50%, and home accessories exhibition and textile exhibition scale than last year increased by more than 10%. In addition, the exhibition also new office furniture chairs custom furniture district, and for the first time to the establishment of a new Chinese mahogany furniture exhibition. Furniture from more than 20 countries and regions, such as Italy, the United States, France, Germany, Portugal, Australia, Denmark, the brand's debut, but also further enhance the degree of internationalization of the 31 CIFF.

In fact, the enthusiasm of the vendors also driven from the market confidence of many consumers and industry insiders, reporter visited Guangzhou Furniture Fair Guangzhou Exhibition in Guangzhou Exhibition crowd this year than last fall rebound, everywhere crowded the scene, many brands show surrounded packed a brand staff sneak told reporters, many dealers have placed an order, but the list is not a small amount.

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