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Firecrackers ignited sofa furniture warehouse almost gone

Yesterday morning, in the East Third Ring Road, Sec 2, Kunze logistics center next to the fire occurred. The fire burned an area of about a few hundred square meters, office furniture chairsand there were no casualties. It is understood that the Department of the cause of the fire, several children set off firecrackers on the ground, ignited next to the abandoned old furniture. Reporter survey found that, in order to save the management fee and rent, many flammable wooden furniture clutter piling up in the center. Fire and safety supervision are expressly stacked so there is a hidden need rectification.
Three fire brigade siege fire fighting
12:00 yesterday, the Chengdu Business Daily computer chairreporter rushed to the fire scene. Open flame not yet completely extinguished, smoke billowed from the scene has been cordoned off around the fire broke out, the from fire three squadrons, four fire officers and men of the squadron and the Chenghua District the Longtan government team's broken down into smaller "siege" fire.
Next to the merchant said, the the earliest fire is one of hundreds of square meters of open space, mesh computer chairpiled a lot of old furniture. After the fire was raging, all the furniture into the black carbon, vaguely only to see some Quhei spring braved the smoke. The merchants say, who originally discardedChina mesh chair mattress spring. A the Jiu Jiadian-run LEE boss said the fire occurred at around 11:00, are sofas, wooden furniture and other flammable items due to the accumulation in the open space, the fire spread quickly. "Revenue shortage Carpenter received to but can not sell off, unwanted, worthless." Fortunately, no casualties.
The new washing machine burned only motor
Men visited the scene, a man claiming Kunze logistics center market management staff, said the fire area does not belong to Kunze logistics center. It is reported that after the the Kunze logistics center built for business, some local residents in Kunze logistics center next self some houses, the appearance and logistics centers Kunze pavement approximate, executive mesh chair"and then hang Number brand. In the open space next to, two numbered D area (home appliances) four buildings and Area D 11 bungalows the former No. blue Tiepai,office chair manufacturers the latter number is handwritten.
Reporter noted that, because the distance of open space close, the two houses also suffer greatly. There are several stacked thrift boss "real money." An operating electrical business, Ms. Chen said, bungalow at 11, she has a few dozen square meters warehouse, piled inside dozens of washing machines are fully automatic, and new. "Afternoon 1:00, after the fire was extinguished, Ms. Chen into the warehouse view, totally destroyed dozens office conference chairsof washing machine, only dark drum and motor. Another boss warehouse adjacent to small warehouse with Ms. Chen, after the fire, his nearly 20 old freezer most of the shell has severely deformed. Stringing people: Mr. Wang clues fee: $ 100
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