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The mahogany furniture worth again rose Experts cautioned against shoddy

Near the New Year, has a great collection and preserve and increase the value of the mahogany furniture worth soar again, however, including the range due to the mahogany 5 are as many as eight categories,bar stool clearance the average consumer is difficult to distinguish, plus mahogany furniture market in China is not yet specifications, often shoddy, deceptive defraud consumers phenomenon.

In this case, the the "Tasting mahogany culture, and implement the mahogany GB, advocate expressly consumer" Forum held in Beijing recently, experts have consumers Weapon Identification mahogany Beware into the mahogany furniture collection and investment misunderstanding.

In recent years, the the mahogany pink bar stools family have popular these days, more and more to cry in the market, mahogany furniture. But what can only called mahogany furniture consumers more blurred, and that as long as the mahogany on certain expensive, this is not true.

Wood Industry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of doctoral tutor, one of the drafters of national "mahogany" standard Xiaomei briefed the meeting on the mahogany mainly includes five genera and 33 species of wood products must have four conditions: plant analysis is its positioning on the learning, and the second is its structure, its density, four of its core material wood color, these four conditions at the same time meet the standards before are mahogany products.

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