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The furniture industry, the economic situation is grim

"The furniture industry, the economic situation is grim," the clearance bar stools argument is not groundless. Media reports, with the concept of operation of the enhanced global liquidity and mahogany furniture industry competition intensifies, the mahogany furniture market chaos "is being gradually" Ebb Tide ", almost at the same time, more money began to pour into the Southeast Asian countries and African countries, mahogany furniture industry is undergoing a new round of global hoard luxury bar stools goods tide.

Mahogany furniture industry crisis of confidence in the fuse by many peers as part of the business of the "spoiler". Recently, the reporter went to the a groaning Red the Wuhan Lights shop just opened a couple of months, with an area of nearly 1,000 square meters of the 16 words on the shop door - a Chinese palace mahogany furniture is an absolute burden of fixing prices. "In addition, the store Paste the posters the waxing pk painting ". Posters exposing the mahogany industry has long painted to cover up flaws ("white") phenomenon, clearly pointed out the advantages compared to painted furniture waxing furniture. These moves cause industry outrage.

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