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Solid wood furniture imported timber prices will rise 5%

HC coating Reuters: prices of imported wood, solid wood furniture will be started to raise prices. Furniture dealers do not want to price increases, price increases in the market downturn will lead to a further decline in sales. And many consumers said the purchase plan will not change the prices of solid wood furniture. 18, Wu reflected her a month ago fancy in Meikailong, solid wood furniture with a price of 5800 yuan, on the 18th to go one has risen to 6100 yuan. Xiao Bian visited leither chair manufacturers  Guiyang Meikailong, Easyhome Southwest Furniture City, three stores learned, raw material costs and labor costs continued to rise, once again spread to the furniture sale terminals, in addition to a number of vendors already signed a supply agreement in the short term to maintain the original price unchanged, the part of the solid wood furniture brand ushered in a second price increase this year, the price increase of about 3% to 5%. Xiao Bian learned from Guizhou Timber Circulation Association, Southeast Asia, Africa, North America, and Russia has been China's major timber source of im contemporary italian bar stools ports, but with reduced resources, the national policy restrictions, the joint leather bar stools with backs effect of the exchange rate and rising transportation costs and other factors timber prices have grown substantially over the previous two years. Timber prices, and plant procurement and transportation costs increasing, and eventually to the higher price of some wood furniture brand. The Xiaobian visited three large furniture stores in the rough statistics, so far, at least three solid wood furniture brand price increases, there are six to price increases in late June. Prices for us, actually not necessarily a good thing, though not prices, costs, profits will be reduced, but if prices in the market downturn, would dampen consumer enthusiasm. "Red Star America Chiron, a local wood furniture agents Huang Youde said: "I a total of only a white leather bar stools few list, get rid of rent, utilities, labor costs, not profit," he said, but if the manufacturers have to raise prices as a proxy providers, and only follow the price increases. In the interview, the majority of consumers are not due to solid wood furniture prices to change the purchase plan. Members of the public who lives in Century City, Li said, does not exclude the individual brands will be shoddy or cut corners to ease the pressure on prices, we can not look at price, but to recognize the brand, recognized quality.contemporary italian bar stools

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