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executive mesh chair

Administrative chair the biggest feature is the back of the chair is a bag, without cutting the main component of the polyester and ammonia perish, has a strong elastic. Toi Germany, the latest weaving techniques woven, and has passed the detection of the FCL can provide products of different colors to choose from, the product design and concise fashion, fashionable and unique, graceful flowing lines, both as an office chair, but also used as a lounge chair. Ride comfort, soft, people relieved in color refreshing for the office to add vigor and vitality.
1.Headrest, back and inside the base plate are wood and sponge.
2.head down adjustment, according to users' needs adjustment.
3.the lift handrails, four height adjustment, armrest surface material is PU.
4.the multi-purpose chassis, lift and back, Sec lock.
5.iron plating feet.


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