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bucket seat office chair

bucket seat office chair advantages:
1, bucket seat office chair sales on the market not only quality assurance but also in the process design is very adapt to the new trend of development of future furniture.
2, bucket seat office chair design and generous, unique, stylish, lightweight and is the best configuration of the modern family, entertainment, cafes, hotels, leisure, conference rooms, office computer tables.
3, in the hot summer months, but also allows you to layout a more refreshing that, in addition to make your ride more comfortable winter different types of chairs have the appropriate holster, to bring an environmentally friendly, healthy furniture younger trend .
4, according to the ergonomics professional design, which reflects the sophisticated technology and unique style, elegant colors, to better reflect the health chair "green". 5, the rubber rope cool cool features, good for human health.
Main features:
Its elastic properties: elongation 400%, 100% of the response rate, each chair rubber to withstand the weight 150KG, rubber life for more than 6-8 years does not appear off deterioration loose. Resistant to cold, heat: -40 ° C to +60 ° C, the surface easy to clean.
4, rubber rope types: rubber rope bar round bar, a small flat, wide strips. The preparation of the surface of textile materials (180 small rubber circle of the composition), brilliant color. Reach 40, can freely choose
5, the pressure lever: can withstand the pressure of 150KG of ISO test by the U.S. BFMA5.1 certification, SGS certification.
, Chassis parts: After a back pressure of 120 000 after dumping test.
Positioning buckle: manual containing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic plus fiber combination, cold, heat treatment and 90-degree bend softness.
8, screws: After a hot and cold hard computer paint.
9, nylon feet: can withstand the the 1200KG test.


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